The ‘Birds and Bees’ exhibition, installed in the University of South Australia’s new Museum of Discovery (MOD.), showcases cutting-edge research into bird and bee navigation and its application into drone technology and machine vision. It creates a dynamic, interactive and immersive experience to raise awareness and convey knowledge in a fun, challenging and visually striking manner.

As the visitor walks through the tunnel, the animated vertical and horizontal stripes alter their perception of the surrounding environment and their movement and ability to navigate through the space is manipulated. Dynamic animation panels depicting birds, bees and drones on the external wall add an element of surprise and provide some context to the major theme of the exhibit – applying learnings from nature to technological innovation.

ES worked closely with the MOD team and researchers to develop the concepts and ensure the integrity of the research is communicated in an engaging and intuitive manner. The collaboration process took place through a series of creative workshops to develop the concepts and ES undertook all detail design work along with fabrication, testing and commissioning and final installation.

2019 ASPAC Awards – Creative Exhibit Award
2019 Australian Interior Design Awards – Best of State – Commercial
2018 Design Institute of Australia (SA Chapter) – Gold Award – Built Environment (Education)

  • Client

    MOD. University of South Australia

  • Location

    Adelaide, SA

  • Services

    Graphic Design
    Digital Development

  • Contributing Parties

    Sam Leach
    Professor Srini Srinivasan