Project Planning

Brief development
Stakeholder consultation & group facilitation
Master planning

Project Management

Project planning & control
Project co-ordination
Project documentation


Interpretive plans & strategies
Content development
Research & scriptwriting

3D Exhibition Design

Concept design & presentation
Space planning & visitor flow
Design development & documentation
Interactive & mechanism design
Electronics hardware & software
Mechanical & electronics engineering
Graphic design & layout with software development

Digital Development

Hardware & Software integration
Interactive development
Software coding customisation & asset integration
3D modelling
Mechanical drafting
3D & 2D visualisations & drawings

2D Exhibition Design

Development of visual style guides for exhibits
Development of specific message delivery systems & signage 
Production of information brochures for interpretive centres

3D & 2D Animation

Audio and soundscape recording, editing and integration
Display technology implementation


Exhibit prototyping
Electronics hardware build & test
Interactive exhibit construction
Digital development
Metal fabrication
Theming & set dressing
Signage construction & installation
Site management