The ‘Feeling Human’ exhibition installed in the new Museum of Discovery (MOD) showcases the University of South Australia’s cutting-edge research into pain. It creates a dynamic, interactive and immersive experience to raise awareness and convey knowledge in a fun, challenging and visually striking manner.

The intent was to create a space that was unsettling, clinical and stark in order to sharpen the visitor’s awareness of the themes of pain and perception. This is highlighted through the minimalist, white, cubic forms which both intimidate and intrigue. The multi-sensory pain chairs create an immersive environment where the user is guided through a series of experiences using a variety of stimuli, including heat, electric shock, colour, light, sound and vibration. The interactive brings research to life, engaging and informing while blending seamlessly with the over-arching look and feel of the exhibition space.

ES worked closely with the MOD team and researchers to develop the concepts and ensure the integrity of the research is communicated in an engaging and intuitive manner. The collaboration process took place through a series of creative workshops to develop the concepts and ES undertook all detail design work along with fabrication, testing and commissioning and final installation.

2018 Design Institute of Australia (SA Chapter) – Gold Award – Built Environment (Education)

  • Client

    MOD. University of South Australia

  • Services

    Concept Design
    Graphic Design
    Exhibition Design
    Project Management