The MOD. ‘Sleep Ops’ gallery explores the role sleep plays in our ability to perform decision making tasks and how this can contribute to peace within our society. The gallery is an immersive, multi-sensory environment, combining light, colour, sound, smell and comfort to convey the elements that facilitate effective sleep.

Visitors are encouraged to enter into the sleep pods where different aspects of sleep are demonstrated through a multi-media presentation featuring first-hand accounts of people who work in challenging sleep environments and explanations from the researchers. The gallery elements revolve around a central sun, which represents the cyclic nature of sleep and the natural rhythms that our society and biology follow. The central, communal sleep pod challenges the notion of sleep being a private activity and visitors can share a nap or simply contemplate the peaceful space around them.

ES worked closely with the MOD team and researchers to develop the concepts and ensure the integrity of the research is communicated in an engaging and intuitive manner. The collaboration process took place through a series of creative workshops to develop the concepts and ES undertook all detail design work along with fabrication, testing and commissioning and final installation.

2019 Design Institute of Australia (SA Chapter) – Gold Award – Built Environment (Education)
2019 MAGNA Awards – Highly Commended – Temporary or Travelling Exhibition

  • Client

    MOD. University of South Australia

  • Location

    Adelaide, SA

  • Services

    Concept Design
    Exhibition Design
    Project Management