‘Tracks’ is a public artwork that links the industrial history of the site with the contemporary urban environment, complementing the scale of other site elements. The artwork plays an important role in the redevelopment of the Railway Lands site, transforming a large tract of a disused industrial site into a multi-functional community space. Viewed from a distance the work is initially legible as two coiled or wound rolls which appear to be leaning against each other and entangled. The coils are semi immersed into the ground, visually accepting the passing of time and appear to be at rest. The natural oxidization of the rail tracks gives the coils a rusty patina.

Using where possible locally sourced tracks of differing profiles, ‘Tracks’ connects the broader Australian rail network and the greater Mt Gambier region, whilst becoming an iconic focal point for the local community and visitors.


  • Artist

    Karl Meyer

  • Location

    Mount Gambier, SA

  • Materials and Dimensions

    Used railway tracks
    6.0m (H) x 7.5m (W) x 2.4m (D)